Crossing Identities is the Berlin Senate sponsored art project on diversity, initiated by me, REglam founder Semra Sevin. Want to know more? The following weeks, Crossing Identities’ calls for a new year where diversity will stay a positive impact to society! This will be an insight to my personal journey as a child from immigrants.

TODAY, MEET LUZIA SCHÜBEL – one of the young students whom I interviewed on diversity for Crossing Identities!


Photos: Semra Sevin, 2017

Born in Germany, Luzia has a German father and a Bolivian-German mother. In her early years Luzia was schooled in a Latin American school with diverse students. The experience of the Latin-American culture and German culture simultaneously, has opened her experiences to a wider range and has made her more adaptable and fit for the challenges that life has to offer to her.

To Luzia, Latin-American culture is related to hospitality, warm and respectful interpersonal relationships, even with a teacher and a more wholesome view on life and humans. German culture is related to values as punctuality, efficacy, order and career driven actions. When faced with challenges in her life, she focusses her attention to her personal happiness instead of the westernised idea of success. Her personal relationships are what keep her upbeat and consistent for life.

Luzia naturally feels at home with diverse friends and in diverse neighbourhoods and situations. Growing up in diversity, has opened up an intuitive and concrete affinity within her towards a diverse life.

Crossing Identities is strongly related to my personal experiences in life and I can only agree that I feel drawn to people who have had to, at some point in their lives, question their point of view and adapt between different worlds. Therefore my site, REglam, stands for diversity, not only racially or culturally. To me diverse experiences can result from feeling too big, too old, too gay or lesbian or too handicapped to participate in society as a fully accepted member.

Let’s celebrate diversity for 2018!

Semra Sevin.



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